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Break your API

Bonnie Mattson

Bonnie Mattson (@BonMatts) of

While a few tools exist to test API endpoints, many rely on the traditional paradigm of a QA engineer laboriously setting up test cases according to a test plan, and do not allow for the setting of complex state. One solution I have used it to adapt unit testing framework to build the meanest, angriest, most-likely-to-break-your-api client you can imagine. In this talk, I will discuss the merits of a programatic approach to api integration teasing, as well as compare several testing frameworks I have personally used, including RestEasy (Junit, Java), Frisby.js (Jasmine, Javascript), and Rspec(Ruby).

AboutBonnie Mattson
After programming as a hobby and academically for nearly a decade, Bonnie decided to switch her career focus from computational chemistry to software engineering in 2013. She now spends most of her time building microservices at or training as an aerialist at Sky Candy Austin. Bonnie is deeply passionate about API design theory, diversity, mentoring new developers, combating biases, building maintainable codebases, and preventing groupthink.