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Paving the Path to Better OpenStack APIs

Everett Toews Rackspace

Everett Toews (@everett_toews) of Rackspace

OpenStack is a land of abundant resources. It's an open source project that provides infrastructure as a service for public and private clouds. These infrastructure resources are logically divided into separate services (e.g. virtual machines via the compute service, files via the object storage service, etc.) and accessible via RESTful APIs. The paths to OpenStack land should lead developers and operations to these resources effortlessly. But all is not so. The paths will take the unwary astray. They twist and turn. They dead end. They lead you into the jaws of waiting dragons. It all adds up to one very frustrating journey. The abundant resources of OpenStack land are accessible but getting there is far more difficult than it should be. To address these difficulties I've helped found the OpenStack API Working Group. Our mission is to improve the developer experience of API users by converging the OpenStack APIs to a consistent and pragmatic RESTful design. Join me and learn how we create API guidelines and reach consensus in an open source community with thousands of contributors. Together we can pave the path to better OpenStack APIs.