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Public APIs Are Forever - Taming API Complexity

James Higginbotham Launch Any

James Higginbotham (@launchany) of Launch Any

Teams often struggle with balancing the complexity of legacy applications, limited time, and limited resources when designing APIs. The result is often the release of less-than-ideal API design that meets the immediate needs of the client but misses opportunities for longer-term value. This talk will explore a technique for API design thinking and how to apply this technique to your design process to create a clear, well-designed, long-lasting API. The goal of this talk is to discuss how to move API design from endpoints to looking at systems design and domain-driven design (a passion of mine and the techniques I use when helping other businesses design their API). It is a discipline that has worked well for many in this industry, including myself, but seems to have been forgotten or set aside in recent years. Applying these principles will result in a cleaner API design, help identify API product boundaries, and may result in identifying new API product opportunities.

AboutJames Higginbotham
James is an API consultant with experience in architecting, building, and deploying APIs and cloud native architectures. As an API consultant, he enjoys helping businesses balance great API design and product needs. He also creates and delivers API and cloud native architecture training with the goal of equipping cross-functional teams to integrate their talents toward building first-class APIs for their product or enterprise systems.