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API Documentation - Bringing Writers to the Table

Jennifer Rondeau Capital One

Jennifer Rondeau (@bradamante) of Capital One

In the past week, I've heard no fewer than five talks about API documentation—three of them at a tech writing conference and two of them at a developer conference. All five talks acknowledged the central role that documentation plays in developing and marketing a good API. More than that, they discussed the two big challenges to good API docs keeping the docs in sync with the code, and creating clear and compelling high-level overviews. My proposed talk will look at how tech writers, designers, developers, and PMs can work together on API documentation to make sure both of these critical needs are met. The talk will draw primarily on my past experience documenting several different types of API. In all of these, I've been involved early in the project, sometimes as early as the design phase, where I’ve been able to help bring coherence to both the API itself and to the docs. The talk will also incorporate suggestions from talks by Zdeněk Němec, Jamie Hannaford, and Adam Dangoor at Write The Docs EU.