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When it's not all in the cloud - Building a developer community for APIs + hardware

Mandy Whaley Cisco

Mandy Whaley (@mandywhaley) of Cisco

IoT, wearables, network programmability — Many of the newest developer opportunities require hardware and infrastructure. Building a developer community around APIs that are tied to hardware presents some unique challenges. How do you create a fast “time to first hello world” when you need hardware? How do devices and infrastructure affect your events and hackathons? Let’s talk about the challenges and lessons learned in applying DevX best practices to hardware related APIs and how to encourage an API focused product approach for both software and hardware products.

AboutMandy Whaley
Amanda Whaley is the Developer Experience Lead for Cisco DevNet. She spends most of her time thinking about how developers use Cisco APIs, and about how to make their job easier. She also leads a team of developer evangelists who work with Cisco partners and developers in many technology areas including IoT, Collaboration, and Software Defined Networking. Amanda has a background in application development and engineering, and she is interested in all things that help developers build cool stuff - tools, APIs, docs, frameworks.