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The Journey of Effective API Evangelism

Neil Mansilla Runscope

Neil Mansilla (@mansillaDEV) of Runscope

Getting developers to discover and use your API is an oversimplification of the challenge. The journey of API evangelism begins before a single line of code is written, and long before the first route and method is defined. In this career, Neil Mansilla has worked with dozens of companies around the world, helping them throughout the stages of API design, development, documentation and deployment. In this talk, Neil will discuss the most important factors for effectively evangelizing your API to the diverse set of communities - internal developers, existing partner developers and to new prospective developers.

AboutNeil Mansilla
Neil heads up developer relations at Runscope, an API monitoring, testing and debugging company. Formerly, Neil was with Mashery, an API management company, where he focused on developers tools and experience. He is the co-creator of I/O Docs, an open-source interactive API documentation engine.