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Is API Management the weak link for the Internet of Things?

Reza Naghibi Varnish Software

Reza Naghibi of Varnish Software

APIs have become the glue that connects the “things” to the Internet. Companies access (or give access to) these things and the data they generate – both of which are growing at an astounding rate. Yet most of the API management tools in use today were developed up to 20 years ago—when the numbers of API calls were often measured in hours.

The well-known rule that a chain can never be stronger than its weakest link certainly applies to complex and layered Internet of Things (IoT) systems. Even at their most basic, they all have sensors, connectivity and applications. Whereas new technologies have found their place in the IoT universe (RFID, IPv6, big data, RESTful APIs), one critical piece – API management – has been left out, and risks turning into the weakest link.

This oversight can pose huge risks for businesses operating in the IoT space. Today, organizations continue to live with outdated performance standards of 200 API calls per second, but most IoT businesses and use cases require much higher throughput—especially in scenarios where API call performance is mission critical.

As IoT devices and services continue to grow in usage, so will the number of API calls to the devices. Exceeding the API call limit will slow down services and result in a bad user experience. To prevent users from turning to faster alternatives, performance should be planned from the outset.

This presentation will offer tips and advice for future-proofing your IoT investment with high-performance API management—beyond the simple (and expensive) solution of adding more hardware. Explore five core infrastructure upgrades to prepare your business for the Internet of Things–and learn how better performance can bring your IoT implementations a competitive advantage!

AboutReza Naghibi
Reza Naghibi has over 10 years experience building large scale enterprise systems. Reza is particularly focused on maximizing system performance, efficiency, response time, and uptime. Reza is currently a senior software engineer at Varnish Software.