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Rapid API Development with Micro Gateways - A Case Study

Vivek Gupta AnyPresence

Vivek Gupta of AnyPresence

One thing is for sure rapid API building and deployment is a core competency that all modern developers can benefit from. But currently, there are limited options for developers looking to build APIs quickly they can do it themselves, use an MBaaS solution or an API management platform. But all of these options can take a lot of time to understand and can be challenging for developers to scale and manage APIs quickly. To support the Citi Mobile Challenge, Citibank launched a set of virtual APIs to support the event. These APIs gave developers an opportunity to create solutions that could function with existing Citi technology. Citi needed to mimic their production environment, but in a way that developers could still build meaningful mobile apps, without the immediate security and privacy concerns that are present when working with live systems. AnyPresence CTO, Rakesh Rao can speak to this case study. He can explain how Citi was used to quickly create APIs that mimic production APIs and augment them with sample data and responses using API Gateway tool, JustAPIs. Unlike other gateway tools, sandbox environments are a default function of JustAPIs. The JustAPIs server is deployed on IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure, and runs behind IBM’s API Management gateway for scaling and throttling as needed.

AboutVivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta is the VP of Product Management at AnyPresence, a software platform company that reduces the time and cost of building APIs and enterprise mobile apps. Prior to AnyPresence Vivek has held several key positions at BlackBerry (RIM), Alcatel-Lucent and other startups in various roles ranging from product management to operations and R&D. Vivek holds a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Texas.